About Me

Name: Jennifer Merriman

Marital Status: Divorced – Not really looking

Internet Name: Morrigan Marsion, Morr

Kids: 2, Fae and Troy

Favorite People: Neph, Sparky, My mum, My Kids, and sometimes my brothers.

Favourite band or musician: Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Lady Gaga

Favourite genre of music: Something I can dance to.

Favourite poet or writer: RL Stine, John Saul, James Clemens

Favourite photographer: Suzi9mm

Favourite game: American McGee’s Alice or Little Big Planet

Favourite gaming platform: Wii, PS3 or PC

Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny

Current Obsessions: Dexter, Amanda F. Palmer, Elizabeth Bathory

Currently Reading: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Torchwood: A New Life

Favorite Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mr Brooks, Sweeney Todd, Who’s that Girl

Current Wishlist: Who Killed Amanda Palmer Book, Any of this art

Interests: That would mean that I’m like actually looking for things to do… So games, books and writing I guess.

Operating System: The dreaded Vista

Wallpaper of choice: A Lady Gaga One I made.

Mini Bio:
Hi! I’m a soon to be divorced mother of two beautiful kids! I’m insane – a natural state of mind for a mother of two. Yay! I don’t know what else to say. I’m an Avid RPer and I love to watch movies. If you have a question about me, just ask. ^_^

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