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    As Elizabeth floated in the soundless dark her body felt weightless like she was submerged in water though everything was clear. Or clear enough through the dark sticky hot water.




    She knew that's what it was. The insurmountable amount of blood that she had spilt over the years of being a sociopath. She thought there would be more then this.


    Too bad.


    Through the darkness there was nothing. Just Elizabeth and the blood. It was strangely serene. She couldn't help but revel in the calm the blood brought her. Just like when she heard the screams, her body quickly relaxing like having a deep tissue massage.


    Blood... it was heaven.

    Elizabeth was in heaven.


    All heavens had a flaw though, didn't they? There had to be something wrong with this place. Something that made it unbearable. Something that made this place hell. What would it be though?


    Out of the darkness Elizabeth saw an orange light. Quickly, it began to float toward her. As it got closer the color changed to purple, then green, then red. The red was not a normal red, accented by the blood around it. It's strange pallor almost made it pink as it slowly seeped into the blackness like blood into veins illuminating a bizarre scene in front of her.


    At first the scene was beautiful, it was Dexter and Elizabeth holding each other intimately. She almost smiled, she looked almost happy there. The feeling was foreign to her so the comfort made her feel good about this.


    Dexter in her life was a good thing.


    Beginning to smile at that thought the scene changed as the other Elizabeth and Dexter pulled away from each other and climbed calmly onto their metal slabs reaching out to hold each others hands.


    The straps appeared on both of them in a blink of an eye even as they held hands.


    What happened next startled Elizabeth as what she was expecting was herself to either break free from the table and run away from that intimacy or for herself to come and prepare to kill them both. It wasn't her though...


    “Dexter?” she muttered into the soundlessness. The Dangerous Dexter looked up to her with that wicked grin she had seen in her kill room. Calmly he placed a finger to his lips to indicate for her to be quiet before he continued toward the pair.


    Sadly all she could do was watch as the Dangerous Dexter shushed his slabbed counterpart, similarly to how he had done with her a moment ago, while holding a gleaming blade behind his back.


    Dangerous Dexter turned to the slabbed happy Liz and they stared at each other a moment. Dangerous Dexter leaned over and placed a small affectionate kiss on the slabbed Elizabeth's lips before plunging the hidden knife into her heart. The action made the floating Elizabeth push onto the ground in startled outrage a scream of no sound erupting from her lips as she swam for the surface of the blood to get away from Dexter.


    Elizabeth looked back to the scene and both Dexter's seemed to be free and both looked to her before they began to chase her.


    Elizabeth's eyes widened as she continued to try and get away, the large smiles on both of their faces making her heart pound in her ears. The blood keeping her firmly planted in place they Dexter's drew nearer.


    Elizabeth took a deep breath in the blood attempting to fill her lungs.....


    Suddenly Elizabeth's feet were released from the ground of the darkness. The Panic and sensation of drowning overwhelming her as the Dexter's reached for her feet.




    Suddenly the darkness was replaced with a painful light in Elizabeth's eyes and a sharp stabbing pain in her shoulder. The ability to breath overwhelming her as she took in a breath, the pain ebbing as she regained control of her body and tried to figure out where she was.


    Where was she again?


    It explained the sharp pain in her shoulder from falling out of the bath, there was probably a shard of glass in it.

    Rolling over to lay on her back Elizabeth stared up at the blinding light taking deep breaths to control her breathing.

    Dexter was out to get her.

    Dexter was out to get her.....

    Dexter was out to get her and he was working on her killing ground! He was going to get her thrown in jail. She couldn't go to jail but she couldn't kill Dexter either. She's not strong enough.

    What to do?

    What could she do?


    Elizabeth looked around the room frantically for anything... everything. Quickly she decided she would leave. She had to get out of there. If she stayed any longer then the police would be knocking on the door ready to bring her in. He was going to get her. That's what that dream meant. He was like the rest.


    And if he was like the rest.... he'd end up like the rest.


    Quickly Elizabeth scrambled to her feet avoiding the glass shards that were spread across the floor. Moving quickly she grabbed her clothes pulling them on as she left Dexter's apartment.


    When she was ready Dexter would be the net person on her slab.

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