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    Nervous Breakdown


    Alright, so I think I took on too much and I'm starting to feel the effects of it. I'm unfocused, I have a constant ringing headache. I want to finish things but when I start looking at it I start to feel a little panicky, which honestly, isn't anything like me.


    I have a few projects that have deadlines and this normally doesn't bother me but I've just been having such a hard time concentrating on it. I feel terrible, I know I'm letting people down, which just adds to my stress. I CAN DO IT. I know I can it's just the lack of focus just makes doing anything really difficult.


    What doesn't help? The fact that I keep having things add to the stress, like I got rear ended last week, I scraped my leg at the pool I mean it feels like a never ending pile that I can never get out from under.


    I have a day job, I have this other job I just don't know if I can do it without really going for it and not having the standard day job. The stress of having both, I think is the root of my issues with doing this. I want to focus but after a long day/week at work I don't feel up to working more. It's not that I want to disappoint anyone I just really really want to unwind and I feel that I'm just constantly letting everyone I know down in this situation. I am going to finish the current projects that I have and then take some time away from it for a bit and just see what I can do for priorities on this. I need to have me time and time for this so I think what really needs to happen is that I set hours for this other job. Whether it's Tues-Thursday from 5PM-9PM I think it's a boundary I need to set for myself.


    Help? Comments? Support? I feel like I'm drowning even though I'm not.

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    The most important thing for your sanity is finding your comfort level, and knowing when to tell people no. You can't do everything everyone else wants you to, it is impossible. Just because you may be physically and mentally capable of the tasks others want you to do, doesn't matter if you aren't able to take the time needed to keep yourself happy and healthy.


    Short term, prioritize what you're currently committed to, focus on the things you can quickly and easily get out of the way (completing something helps focus because success makes everything seem less impossible), and see if anyone else can take over some of the others. Then once you've gotten through that, take a break before you take anything else on.


    When you're feeling more focused again, schedule off hours that are only for you (and enjoying the company of family and friends). When you get into the swing of that, you can look at the balance between the two jobs, and if you want to start shifting the focus to the second job, you can look into how to dial back the other job (or even replace it with something less demanding).


    Regardless of how much of my advice works out for you, please know that anyone who doesn't understand you need to make time for you isn't concerned with your well being, and strongly consider focusing on those who are less understanding when you start thinking about where to trim your obligations to make your self care time.


    Best of luck in finding that balance. It's hard, and everyone goes through this struggle.

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