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    3 Weeks 2 Days, feeling alone


    So, as most people know, I can't really function without my kids. I love them so much it's painful being away from them. Trust me when I say I try to put my thoughts and efforts into other things, it's not as helpful as I wished it was.


    I miss my kiddos.


    Plain and simple fact.


    I try to drowned out the loneliness, the not having Troy around to tell me seventy different stories in one breathedness, with chatting with friends, with sleeping, with coding. It's not nearly as helpful as I'd wish it would be. It really sucks when I want to chat and no one is on to talk.


    Know I miss my babies.


    I miss my Troy. I miss my Fae.


    You are my light.


    You are what I live for.


    Thursday cannot come fast enough.

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    This hit me in a soft spot today. My wife and daughter have been out of state nearly the whole month helping out their family and friends in need (My Wife always puts others before herself). She's getting paid for the help, so it's not hurting us having her so far away financially... but damn. It's been nearly three weeks and the solitude is killing me.


    I miss seeing my daughter's face in the morning before work, sitting down and watching Mickey Mouse Club House with her.


    See. Now you done got me all teary eyed. T.T

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