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  1. What is so difficult to understand? I've been reading on how to get my book published and part of that is to e-communicate. I'm not sure how well it can be done with my type of book.

  2. For number 43: Chest hair is iffy but Leg hair doesn't bother me. I don't shave my legs often so as long as my partner doesn't care, neither do I. I know... I'm weird.

    For number 54: Absolutely! Maybe my Irishman.

    For number 66: I don't know but I certainly love Pirates... and Firefly.

    For Number 92: No, it has to do with personality and I'm not sure I'm the best person in the world. I'm probably rather hard to get along with since I'm very set in my ways.

  3. Yes, it wouldn't be a burden on someone that loves/likes me but at the same time I'm not sure I would get involved to that point. I'm a depressing eventually to be spinster like that.


    No I'm not actively looking for Romance and Intimacy. That's what I want but I find that it's not my priority in life at the moment. I think, in most ways, I'm still healing after my divorce. I didn't want my divorce mind you. I think that I put more effort in staving off an intimate relationship then being open to one. Yeah, loneliness sucks, being unhappy because you're lonely sucks but getting into a relationship before you're ready also sucks. I mean I'm barely getting things in order in life.

  4. haha. Dr Pepper is my favorite drink. I think we were out of it at the time, or I went for a change.


    Perhaps that was my problem. Coke Zero Cherry throws my happiness balance off... I may have to check that.

  5. I sincerely appreciate the optimism. I really hope so. I guess it just seems bleak because it was hard before I got married, my ex was actually more or less my only romance before I got married, and now there are just more obstacles.


    I guess in a way it's a blessing. I can be pretty convinced that if someone wants to be romantically interested in me despite the kids then they are taking a true interest because it is more of an involvement then with a relationship with just another person. So it can be a lot better then I'm making it out to be I'm just being a little overly dramatic because I'm lonely.

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